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Thanksgiving! (San D

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Thanksgiving Day

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Things To Be Thankful For

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40 Days Until The Apocalypse – Day 2

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20160930_193602So, we are now 39 days away from Election Day.  A few days ago, I decided to do a daily blog post chronicling the days leading up to the election.  My main reason for doing this is to get myself in the habit of writing everyday.  Outside of debates and campaign ads, will anything of significance happen between now and then that will provide me enough material to write on? I don’t know, but we’ll see.  So, yesterday was reeeaaalllllllly exciting.  I went to work.  And then I came home.  And then the wife and kids and I went out to dinner.  Then we stopped by my parents’ house.  Then we came home.  Then we went to bed.  I know, I know.  You’re thinking, I am SO going to share this on Facebook.  My friends will just LOVE reading this.  But I trust that over the course of time, there will be things to write about OR I will think of things to write about.  So bear with me.  One of the highlights of my day was listening to the warm, friendly voice of Vin Scully announcing the Dodgers-Giants game in what will be the last three games of his career.  In the restaurant we were eating at, the two televisions near our table were showing the Dodgers-Giants game and the Red Sox game.  That game featured Big Papi (David Ortiz) in the final regular season series of his career.  He hit a home run in that game.  Both televisions allowed us to see two baseball legends saying farewell to the game.  Will there be a lot of hoopla over my retirement when it happens?  Will I excel in my occupation to a degree that will make my retirement difficult for people to accept and will it elicit emotional responses from people, similar to these two men?  Is there something I need to do differently?  Something I need to do better?  Something to think about…

Pretend Road Trip – Oceanside, CA

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Today I’ve arrived in Oceanside, CA.  I could tell you the wheather, but I…..”wheather”?  Why did I spell it that way?  Long week, I guess.  Weather.  That’s what I meant.  I usually like to let you know the kind of weather we are having on every place I visit, but I’m in Oceanside.  You know what the weather is like.  It’s perfect.  It’s always perfect in the San Diego area.

I consider Oceanside to be the gateway to San Diego.  When you’re driving south from L.A., there is a long stretch between Orange County and San Diego County that is barren and empty.  That is because you are driving by Camp Pendleton.  So, the normal array of houses, restaurants, buildings and vegetation gives way to a lot of nothing.  But after a considerable amount of time goes by, you finally arrive in Oceanside and the scenery becomes normal again.  Now, because I am traveling north, this means that I am leaving the San Diego area and will be making my way to Orange County.  We’re making progress…

40 Days Until The Apocalypse – Day 1

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Tonight I am attempting to start a series of blog posts leading up to Election Day called 40 Days Until The Apocalypse.  Both Donald Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters seem to believe that the country will be ruined if their political opponent prevails on Election Night.  So, I decided to chronicle life in America over the remaining 40 days before all hell breaks loose.  Why am I doing this?  I have no idea.  It was just an idea that came to me at work today and I’m going with it.  Will I be able to keep this up on daily basis throughout the next month and a half?  We’ll see.

Anyway, Day 1.  What happened in the world today?  Well, the biggest item on the news was the horrific train crash in Hoboken, New Jersey.  As of this morning, there were approximately 100 people injured and one fatality.  I’m sure the fatality number has increased since I first heard the news, but I haven’t checked up on the story since this morning.

So, what happened in my personal life?  This.


Yes, that happened.  Pure Chocolate Ice Blended from Coffee Bean.  Quite possibly, the greatest drink on Planet Earth.  Or as a friend of mine calls it, Pure Heaven.

And then in the evening, In N Out happened.  Today was one of the best days my taste buds have had in a very long time.

Anyway, not sure where this series of blog posts are going to go…or if they will go at all.  But we’ll give it a go and see what happens.








Road Trip – Carlsbad, CA

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Well, today my pretend road trip across this great nation takes me to Carlsbad, California.  I have been here once or twice before.  I believe my last time here was in 2004 and while I was here, I went for a run with my brother.  I also recall eating lunch at a pretty good burrito place.  Pretty sure it was Carlsbad.  I do know that Carlsbad is the home of Legoland.  Our family has not yet made the trip to Legoland, partly due to the distance from our house, but mainly because we heard it was more for older kids and mine are still on the younger side.

Anyway, it is 7:45 p.m and a warm 72 degrees out…pretty nice for a fall evening.

The Clueless Prepper – More Batteries

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Note: These Clueless Prepper posts are part of a blog I have on Blogger ( that chronicle my journey to complete 100% off-the-grid independence…or basic emergency preparedness.  I am shooting for the former in order to achieve the latter.  So, enjoy…

Well, in my long, slow quest to become independent of the grid, I have arrived at my third prepping step and that is to complete my stockpile of batteries.  By stockpile, I mean one package of each type of battery.  Previously (see Step 1), I purchased AA and AAA batteries.  Last night, I made a trip to Home Depot with my kids and picked up other types of batteries to complete my emergency supply.  The batteries I purchased were C, D and 9-volt.  The idea going forward is that the emergency supply of batteries located in my garage does not exist.  They will only be used in the event of emergencies.  So, the next time our remote control stops working and we discover that we only have one AA battery left, we will need to go to the store to buy a new package.  Once we have bought that new package, we will then trade that package with the one in our emergency supply in order to keep the emergency supply fresh.  Otherwise, when a major earthquake hits 8 years from now, we won’t have the issue of diving into our emergency supply only to find that the batteries are all dead.

So, there you have it.  We got batteries.

Road Trip – Encinitas, CA

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Well, today my pretend (and very slow) road trip takes me to Encinitas, CA.  No, I’m not in Mexico.  That’s Ensenada.  I am in north San Diego County.  The temperature is a mild 74 degrees.  I am making my way from the Mexico border in Southern California to the northernmost tip of Maine…and then back again.  I will be taking the scenic route, so it will not be a straight shot.  As a reminder, this is not a real road trip.  In an effort to motivate me to blog, I am essentially assigning a city to each blog post.  By the time I get to the blog post corresponding to New York City, I should have a ton of blog posts under my belt and a pretty clear direction in terms of my writing and where it is headed.

So, today I am in Encinitas.  I have been here before.  In fact, I have family ties to this city as my brother works here.  He owns a personal training facility one block away from the beach.  Up one of the streets here is Rancho Santa Fe.  A lot of rich people live in Rancho Santa Fe.  Prior to starting his own gym, my brother worked at a personal training facility in Rancho Santa Fe with clients such as golfer Phil Mickelson’s wife and former Dodger second baseman Mark Grudzielanek.  While waiting at a light once, he watched Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh walk across the intersection with his gym bag.  He was either making his way to or from L.A. Fitness.  Rancho Santa Fe was also the home of the Heaven’s Gate cult, whose members committed mass suicide in 1997.  They were led by a professor named Marshall Applewhite and believed that when they left their earthly bodies, they were going to be boarding an alien spaceship.  They were found dead in dark clothing and Nike shoes.

Anyway, this is the area I am in right now.  I have a long way to go on my cross country trip, but things are starting to move along a little quicker now.

The Clueless Prepper – Water

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13590382_10208556785649364_7610677004641706161_n (1)So, my preparation for the apocalypse…or your standard power outage…continues.  This is one of the few prepping steps that I had actually started a couple of years ago.  They say you should have a gallon of water per person per day for emergencies.  Or is that a quart?  Or is that a liter?  I can’t remember.  It doesn’t matter.  I have enough to cover a 3-day emergency, which I believe is the amount of days that is recommended for basic emergency preparation.

Anyway, for a couple years I have had a shelf in the garage dedicated to cases of bottled water.  I probably have about ten cases of them at the moment.  The water isn’t just for emergencies.  It’s also for normal consumption.  On each case, I write the purchase date with a marker.  So, when I pull out a new bottle to drink, I pull it out of the oldest case.  That way, the water supply always remains fresh.  When I’m done with a case, it’s time to pick up a new one the next time I go to the store.  Simple as that.

It just so happens that I was running low on water when I started this blog.  So, last week I picked up six new cases of water.  So, now I’m restocked and at the very least, know that I will be hydrated during the next emergency.